Winterkeep, Capital of Solstheim

Government: Feudal Monarchy

Ruler: Grand Jarl Jon Elbert I—the Dragon Blooded

  • Jarl Consort: Joslin Elbert I
  • Lord Mayor: Nevlon Indarys
  • Jarl’s Steward: Dro’Ranji
  • Chamberlain of Castle: Ervesa Omelas
  • Marshall of Castle: Livia Otts

Region: Northern Solstheim, Moesring Mountains

Population: Roughly 700—Redguards 37%, Nords 23%, Dunmer 15%, Khajiit 11%, Imperial 6%, Other 8%

Major Religions: Nine Divines

Imports: Food, Lumber/Timber, Metals and Ores

Exports: Magic Items, Weapons and Armor, Mead

Outer Wall

Wall of Stones: 2,650ft x 2,650ft, 4ft thick, 20ft high


Animal Pens: 100 Chickens, 40 Cows, 40 Goats, 10 Heavy Horses

Farming Warehouses: Farming Tools, Seeds, Extra Wood and Nails

Builders’ Warehouses: Craftsmen Tools, Extra Iron and Other Metals, Extra Stone

North Winterkeep: Residential Section

300 Homes: One Story, Two Bedroom, Fireplace, Root Cellar

Meadhall (Laborers) x4: Dining Hall, Basement Barracks for 80, Storage

Meadhall (Soldiers) x4: Dining Hall, Basement Barracks for 80, Storage

West Winterkeep: Wealthy Residential Section

Dro'Ranji's Home: Three Stories: Six Bedrooms, Baths, Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, Small Library, Basement

Lloros’s Home: Three Stories: Three Bedrooms, Baths, Sitting Rooms, Workshop, Kitchen, Game Room, Basement

Nevlon’s Home: Three Stories: Four Bedrooms, Baths, Servants Quarters, Kitchen, Meeting Room, Small Library (Office and Records), Basement

Thedon’s Mansion: Four Stories: Master Bedroom, Three Bedrooms, Library and Study, Baths, Sitting Rooms, Grand Dining Room, Kitchen, Game Room, Servants Quarters, Basement with Wine Room

East Winterkeep: Trade and Business Section

Karstaag Warehouse: Excess Food, Fire Wood, Textiles

Frost Giant Meadery: 20 1,000 galleon vats, Aging Basement

  • Traditional: Classic Nord Honey Mead
  • Sword-Sister: Cinnamon and Jazbay Grapes
  • Sweet Fruit: Applies, Juniper, Snowberries

Meadery Warehouse:

Meadery Supplies, Barrels, Nails, Lumber

Central Winterkeep: Ducal and Culture Center

Statue of Zayd:

Resting Upon Vollunrazor in Steel Plate, 5ft tall Base, 35ft tall Statue

Base: “Zayd the Restorer- Let All Who Walk Past This Monument Forever Know That the Sacrifice Made in the Name of Family and Honor Allowed Karstaag to Exist. Without the Courage Given, No Town Would Rest Here Upon and Frost Giant Would Dwell Here Still.”

Bards College: Three Stories: Musical halls, Library with Literature and Poetry and Music (very few), Twenty Small Bedrooms, Five Large Bedrooms, Dining Hall, Kitchen, Fencing Room, Pantry, Outside Amphitheatre

Temple to the Nine and Yokudan Divines: Two Stories: Western Wing to the Nine Divines, Eastern Wing to Yokudan/Redguard gods, Central Chapel, Clerical Quarters, Storage and Tithing Vaults, Tower with Housing for Poor/Servants

Castle Karstaag: See Page

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