Government: Feudal Monarchy (Jarldom), Tribal Principality (Reiklings), Magocracy (Fryse Witches), Semi-Elected Republic (Thirsk), Mercantile Oligarchy (EEC Colonies), Shamanistic Theocracy (Druid Circle), Tribal Democracy (Giants), Elected Chieftain (Skaal)


  • Jarldom- Grand Jarl Jon Elbert I
    • Greve Vilkas Hardrada
    • Greve Roberio Kaslowyn
    • Greve Ysabel Pelelius
    • Greve Arvena Sword Sister
    • Baron Irbran Ysciele
    • Reiklings- Prince Turil of the Red Axes
    • Mother of the Fryse Witches
    • Thirsk- Chief Skjoldr
    • EEC- Lord Falco Galenus
    • Druid Circle- Ri’Vashni
    • Skaal- Shaman Korst Wind-Eye


  • Felsaad Coast, North East Solstheim
    • Mortag Glacier- Fryse Witch fortress, taken from Cult of Hircine
    • Winterkeep- Center of Solstheim Jarldom, magical community
    • North Winterkeep- Port town and Orc Stronghold (Lom Sharkm)
    • Reikling Cities and Citadels
      • Reiken
      • Vroxg
      • Ikrekrt
      • Drodroc
      • Exkleth
      • Hirstaang Forrest, Southern Solstheim
  • Hirstaang Forrest, Southern Solstheim
    • Arnevmor- Wizard’s Tower
    • Raven Rock- EEC Mining Colony
    • Iron Barrow- Sprawling mining, farming, fishing, and foresting town
    • Fort Frostmoth- Imperial Legion far northern outpost
  • Isinfier Plains, Central Solstheim
    • Thirsk- Independent Meadhall of Warriors
    • Numerous Fryse Witch Havens
  • Moesring Mountains, North West Solstheim
    • Skaal Village
    • Castle Hardrada

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