North Winterkeep (Karstaag Port)

Government: Feudal Monarchy

Ruler: Greve Arvena Sword-Sister (Vassal to Jarl Jon)

  • Greve Consort: Susanna Card-Summoned
  • Greve’s Steward-Mabrelle Ysciele
  • Orc Chieftan- Khargol gro-Khazor

Region: Northern Solstheim, Moesring Mountains

Population: Roughly 1,000—Orcs 37%, Nords 25%, Dunmer 16%, Breton 9%, Others 12%

Major Religions: Malacath, Nine Divines

Imports: Food, Ale

Exports: Mead, Fish, Furs and Hides, Orichalcum

North Island: Cold Sea Keep

Small Wharf: Connects to minor storage area with trail to summit

Cold Sea Keep: See Page

Western Mine Camp

Camp: Area surrounded by palisade wall with watch towers and small guard post, numerous resting and eating areas along with bunk houses

Mine: Pillar and room style Silver mine (21,500 man years)

North Coastline

Fishing Village: Several small fishing wharfs and small homes

Main Port: Trade docks with a supply warehouse and customs office

Eastern Orc Stronghold

Outer Walls: Two story wooden wall reinforced with masonry on first level, Steel gate, Six Watchtowers

Craftsmen Area: Storage sheds, Blacksmith, Armor and weapon crafters, Carpentry worshops

Mine: Pillar and room style Orichalcum mine (10d100x100 man years)

Homes: Roughly one hundred fifty two-story double homes

Central Stronghold: Central Malacath shrine, Northern throne room, Eastern Warriors Quarters, Western Chieftain Quarters

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