Ruler: Co-Rule by Greve Roberio Kaslowyn and Ysabel Pelelius (Vassals to Jarl Jon)

  • Greve Consort (Kaslowyn): Svenja

Region: Southern Solstheim, Hirstaang Forrest

Population: Roughly 5,500

Perimeter: Vast 30ft tall stone wall with guard towers every 500 feet and several minor gates, large gate to the west (heading to Raven Rock) and east (heading to Fort Frostmoth)

East: Large hill with Bardaga Halda (yet to be constructed, see page) and the main deposits of a vast iron mine (2,565,000 man years- 3,225 used). Emptied barrows containing Stalhrim deposits (estimated to be 7 man years). One cleared barrow converted to wind chamber with bound air elemental, connected to aboveground series of steel smelters.

Center: Main population center at base of Bardaga Halda Hill. Town with numerous wooden homes and buildings (workshops, storehouses, merchants, etc). Large, central, two story (with basement) mead hall as a community center, large well maintained marketplace with stalls and storage houses. Central, cultural apex is the vast, wealthy cathedral dedicated to the Nine Divines with each given a specific shrine and statue.

West: Main farming area, fields being used following clear cutting. Logging camps along the edge of town (containing an expanding lumber mill) and coast with docks. Entrance to (unopened) small Silver mine (2,400 man hours- 500 used).

North: Logging camps and satellite villages along the entrance to secondary mine entrance (connected to central iron deposits).

South: Logging camps and satellite villagers along the entrance to (unopened) very small Malachite/Glass mine (700 man years- 500 used).


1500 carpentry artisan tools

500 stone artisan tools

500 wood axes

500 2 person Saws

500 saws

400 wheel barrows

1600 shovels

1600 mining picks

1000 barrels

1000 sacks

6000 blankets

100 Fishing kits

10,000 feet of rope

500 lamps

month's worth of lantern oil

600 cooking and eating sets

5,000 pounds of potatoes

15000 extra pairs of clothing

Month's worth of Ale

150 mules

Month worth mule feed

Shitload of nails and stuff like thatch.

Month worth of preserved food

10 light crossbow

10 light short bow

1000 bolts

1000 arrows

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