Town Population Size Government
Vivec 242,000 Metropolis Unique/Almsivi Temple (Vicec)
Balmora 82,000 Metropolis House Hlaalu
Ald’Ruhn 56,000 Large City House Redoran
Sadrith Mora 32,000 Large City House Telvanni (Neloth)
Gnisis 18,000 Small City Legion/ House Redoran
Caldera 12,000 Small City Legion
Suran 10,00 Small City House Hlaalu
Ebonheart 9,100 Large Town Legion (Duke Dren)
Seyda Neen 6,000 Large Town Legion
Maar Gan 5,600 Large Town House Redoran
Pelegiad 5,000 Large Town Legion
Vos 4,500 Large Town House Telvanni (Aryon)
Gnaar Mok 3,600 Small Town House Hlaalu
Molag Mar 2,200 Small Town House Redoran
Dagon Fel 1,500 Small Town Legion
Tel Branora 900 Village House Telvanni
Tel Aruhn 700 Village House Telvanni
Hla Oad 600 Village House Hlaalu
Tel Mora 500 Village House Telvanni
Khuul 400 Hamlet House Redoran
Ald Velothi 200 Hamlet House Redoran
Tel Fyr 30-ish Thorp House Telvanni


Town Population Size Government
Bardaga Halda 5,000 Large Town Jarldom (Greve Roberio and Ysabel)
Raven Rock 3,200 Small Town East Empire Company
Fort Frostmoth 1,200 Small Town Legion
Skaal Village 550 Village Chieftain
Winterkeep 450 Hamlet Jarldom (Jarl Jon)
Castle Hardrada 200 Hamlet Jarldom (Greve Hardrada)
Thirsk 120 Hamlet Semi-Elected Chieftain
North Winterkeep 30 Thorp Jarldom (Greve Arvena and Susanna)

Solsthiem (Reiklings)

Town Population Size Government
Rieken 6,500 Large Town Reikling Principality (Prince Turil)
Vroxg 2,800 Small Town Reikling Principality (Green Shield)
Ikrekrt 1,000 Small Town Reikling Principality (Boar)
Drodroc 900 Village Reikling Principality (Skull & Dagger)
Exkleth 250 Hamlet Reikling Principality (Prince Turil)

Morrowind Mainland

Town Population Size Government
Mournhold 92,000 Metropolis Helseth/Temple


Town Population Size Government
Imperial City 157,000 Metropolis Empire (Elder Council)
Anvil 75,000 Metroplois Empire (Count)
Cheydinhal 51,000 Large City Empire (Count)
Skingrad 45,000 Large City Empire (Count)
Chorrol 37,000 Large City Empire (Count)
Bravil 22,000 Small City Empire (Count)
Bruma 19,000 Small City Empire (Count)
Leyawiin 13,000 Small City Empire (Count)

Population Type
20-100 Thorp
100-500 Hamlet
500-1,000 Village
1,000-4,000 Small Town
4,000-10,000 Large Town
10,000-25,000 Small City
25,000-60,000 Large City
60,000+ Metropolis

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