Castle Karstaag- Far North Solsthiem

Conquered Evening Star 27

Grand Jarl: Jon the Dragon Blooded

Mage Chapterhead: Joslin Elbert

Residents: 26 Servants (including Seen-Ra), 7 Brewers and Cooks (including Nevlon Indarys), 10 Craftsman, Ervesa Omalas (Artificer), 13 Battlemages and Duskblades (including Jo’Karim, Livia Otts, Synda Teneran), Telis Aram, 2 Bards, 8 Wizards, Camilla Varo

(Guild Guide/Conjurer), 8 Fyrse Witch 'orphans,' 2 Fosterlings (Haraldr
and Yngling), 4 Lesser (augmented) Daedroth

Third Level (Roof)-

Firewood Racks

Ashlander Yurts- Forge, Foundry, Tanning Racks Tables, Work Benches

Bee Room- Numerous honeycombs and bee hives

Second Level-

Feasting Hall: Frost Giant Table with Chairs, Two Sitting Areas, Fire Pits, Firewood Racks, Numerous Hogshead and Casks of Mead and Ale, Magic Blue Fire lantern, Massive Chandelier with Enchanted Blue Fire

Kitchen: Tun of Mead, Washing Buckets, Bags and Crates (Food and Seasoning), Fire Pit

Pantry: Numerous Crates Bags and Barrels of Food and Drink (250 days worth of quality food, Morning Star 433)

Throne Room: Two Thrones, Numerous Chair and Couches, Magic Blue Fire Lanterns,Art*

Secret Treasury: Numerous boxes and Crates and Chests*

Leaders’ Bedrooms: Jarl's Room(Jon and Joslin), Six Large Bedrooms (1. Roberio and Svenja, 2. Livia Otts, 3. Camilla Varo)

External Battlements and Internal Hallways

*Throne room Art-

Ornate Ebony Dagger,Silver Jeweled Lute,Helseth's Tapestry, Gold & Silver Centurion Statue, Coronation Painting, Silver Castle Karstaag Statue

*Inside the Treasury-

  • 8,435,134 Gold, 54,000 in gems 3,050
gp of gems, Petty Soul Gem x5 (30 gp each), Lesser Soul Gem x6 (60 gp 

each), Common Soul Gem x8 (120 gp each), Greater Soul Gem x2 (240 gp each), 10lb Mithril Bar x1 (12,800gp), 10lb Electrum Bar x3 (7,500 gp) 2,500 gp each, 14,000 lb Ebony

  • First
Era Gold coin x400, First Era Silver coin x833, First Era Electrum coin
x316, Dwemer Coin (unknown metal alloy) x83, Dwemer Goblet x23, Dwemer 

Bowl x1, Dwemer Cutlery x21, 20 Rare Bottles of Mead, 10 Telvanni Bug Musk

  • Epic Dracolich:Ring of protection+5,chained Belt of strength+6,Amulet of Mighty fist+5

First Level-

Central Hallway- Fire Pits, Firewood Piles, Gate to the Caves, Massive Front Door (enchanted to have the hardness and hit points of steel)

Left Side:

  • Dormitory- Divided into Two Rooms: Sleeping Accommodations for Twenty Four or more
  • Dormitory- Divided into Two Rooms: Sleeping Accommodations for Twenty Four or more
  • Dormitory- Divided into Two Rooms: Sleeping Accommodations for Twenty Four or more
  • Empty Room
  • Library- Accommodations for 18,000 Books (roughly 8,000 currently, 11 rare tomes: Galur Rithari's Papers), Chairs and Tables

Right Side:

  • Baths- Six Bronze Tubs, Fire Pits, Mirrors and Grooming Accessories
  • Fryse Witch Guest Room- 20 beds, Giant Sleeping Bags, Dressers and Chests and Accommodations
  • Empty Room
  • Guild Service Room: Guild Guide, Spell Making, Enchanting, Alchemy Labs, Chairs and Tables
  • Ervesa’s Room- Frost Giant Bed, Chests, Bags, Workshop

Outside (First Level)-

Refuse piles (garbage, excrement, worthless equipment, bones, corpses)

Basement Level One-

Left Side:

  • Storage Room- Firewood Storage
  • Storage Room- Crates, Boxes, Barrels, Etc*
  • Crypts- 28 Stone Coffins (all empty)

Right Side:

  • Training Room- Wooden Dummies, Archery and Spell Targets, Punching Bags
  • Empty Room
  • Empty Room

*Inside Storage Room-99 lbs of animal pelts, 120 lbs of mundane tools, 60 winter blankets, 40 fur clothing, 500 lbs of rope

Basement Level Two (Caves)-

Dungeon- Separated into Three Rooms: 60 Pairs of Manacles Bolted to the Walls

Mage Guild Supplies:

Arcane Scrolls: Delayed Blast Fireball (2,275 gp), 2 Feeblemind (1,125 gp), Freedom of Movement (1,000 gp), Greater Dispel Magic (1,650 gp), Greater Scrying (2,275 gp), 2 Overland Flight (1,125 gp), 2 Passwall (1,125 gp), Remove Curse (700 gp), Sending (1,125 gp), Telekenisis (1,125 gp), Teleport (1,125 gp), Teleportation Circle (4,825 gp), Tenser's Floating Disk (25 gp), Tongues (375 gp)

SCROLL arcane (4,525 gp) Feeblemind (l5, cl9) Major Creation (l5, cl9) Teleport, Greater (l7, cl13) arcane (8,425 gp) Transmute Rock to Mud (l5, cl9) Globe of Invulnerability (l6, cl11) Summon Monster V (l5, cl9) Hold Monster (l5, cl9) Wall of Force (l5, cl9) Reverse Gravity (l7, cl13) arcane (5,950 gp) Emotion (l4, cl7) Cloudkill (l5, cl9) Mass Charm (l8, cl15) Wall of Iron (l5, cl9) arcane (1,125 gp) Cone of Cold (l5, cl9) arcane (5,050 gp) Eyebite (l6, cl11) Teleport, Greater (l7, cl13) Passwall (l5, cl9) arcane (1,125 gp) Teleport (l5, cl9) arcane (1,825 gp) Slow (l3, cl5) Detect Scrying (l4, cl7) Blink (l3, cl5) Fly (l3, cl5), arcane (10,600 gp), Cloudkill (l5, cl9) (scribed 2 times), Major Creation (l5, cl9), Grasping Hand (l7, cl13), Persistent Image (l5, cl9), Energy Drain (l9, cl17), divine (14,150 gp), Discern Location (l8, cl15), Heal (l6, cl11), Creeping Doom (l7, cl13), Cure Critical Wounds (l5, cl9), Miracle (l9, cl17), Regenerate (l7, cl13), divine (1,125 gp), Break Enchantment (l5, cl9), Hold Monster (l5, cl9), divine (4,650 gp), Earthquake (l8, cl15), Find the Path (l6, cl11) divine (7,225 gp), Flame Strike (l5, cl9), Creeping Doom (l7, cl13)

Divine Scrolls: greater command (1,125 gp), transmute rock to mud (1,125 gp), anti-life shell (1,650 gp), storm of vengeance (3,820 gp), banishment (1,650 gp), mass hold monster (3,820 gp), Scroll of Bigsby’s Interposing Hand, Scroll of Transmute Rock to Mud, Scroll of Globe of Invulnerability, Scroll of Mordenkainen’s Sword, Scroll of Power Word Stun

divine (4,525 gp) Repulsion (l7, cl13) Command, Greater (l5, cl9) Cure Critical Wounds (l5, cl9)

Total: 51,965 gp

Potions: potion of keen edge (750 gp) ruby-colored perfumy odor/taste watery, opaline appearance cure serious wounds 3d8 +10 (750 gp), enlarge person (250 gp), fly (750 gp), greater magic fang +2 (1,200 gp), remove paralysis (300 gp), protection from fire (750 gp), spider climb (300 gp), tongues (750 gp), darkvision (300 gp), lesser restoration (300 gp) potion of delay poison (300 gp) CURSE: item actually has a completely different effect scarlet-colored bitter odor/taste watery, clear appearance potion of magic vestment +2 (1,200 gp) ruby-colored honeyed odor/taste viscous, cloudy appearance potion of water breathing (750 gp) white-colored salty odor/taste effervescent, layered appearance,

potion of reduce person (250 gp), potion of neutralize poison (750 gp), potion of nondetection (750 gp)

WAND Ice Storm (l4, cl7) (15 charges) (6,300 gp) Keen Edge (l3, cl5) (39 charges) (8,775 gp) Poison (l4, cl7) (42 charges) (17,640 gp) something provides a clue to the wand's function Bull's Strength (l2, cl3) (11 charges) (990 gp) something provides a clue to the wand's function Lightning Bolt (l3, cl10) (9 charges) (4,050 gp), Wand of Keen Edge 30 (6,750 gp), Wand of Magic Missile 5th level 28 (2,086 gp), Wand of Daylight 32 (2,790 gp), Wand of Cat's Grace (29 charges) (2,300 gp), Wand of Daylight, Wand of Burning hands, wand of charm animal, wand of bears endurance, wand of delay poison, wand of false life, wand of foxes cunning, wand of owl's wisdom

ROD rod of cancellation (11,000 gp) rod of immovable (5,000 gp) rod of metamagic, empower (32,500 gp) rod of metamagic, extend, greater (24,500 gp) rod of metamagic, extend, greater (24,500 gp) something provides a clue to the rod's function rod of viper (19,000 gp) CURSE: item has no actual magical power other than to delude the user

STAFF staff of evocation (11 charges) (14,300 gp) staff of abjuration (35 charges) (45,500 gp) staff of defense (3 charges) (3,496.8 gp) staff of healing (29 charges) (16,095 gp) staff of healing (41 charges) (22,755 gp) something provides some clue to the staff's function staff of healing (49 charges) (27,195 gp) staff of necromancy (6 charges) (7,800 gp) staff of passage (40 charges) (136,400 gp) something provides some clue to the staff's function staff of size alteration (45 charges) (26,100 gp) staff of swarming insects (32 charges) (15,840 gp) staff of transmutation (6 charges) (7,800 gp) Staff of Size Alteration 15 (8,700 gp), Staff of Illumination 22 (21,230 gp), Staff of Charming 27 (8910 gp)

151lb alchemy n spell components

Soul Gem: 66 petty soul gems, 16 lesser soul gems, 2 common soul gem, 8 greater soul gem


Equipment used by residents:


480 iron arrows, +2 flaming speed nordic stalhrim morning star, +1 holy daedric orcish heavy flail, +3 keen flaming shock silver nordic greataxe, +4 shocking burst silver ayleid battleaxe, +1 flaming human bane elf bane orichalcum fine heavy flail, +3 keen frost glass fine morning star, +2 orichalcum honed greatsword,+3 flaming acidic shock honed ebony greatsword, +2 keen glass akaviri longsword, +1 speed frost keen mithril nordic scimitar,+2 flaming burst stahlrim honed longsword, Silver Elven Scythe (+3 Flaming Burst Keen), Silver Elven Dagger (+3), Mithril Nordic Dagger (+1 keen elf bane), +2 orichalcum nordic longsword, +1 lawful silver fine heavy flail, +1 unholy flaming burst steel orcish greatsword,Steel Fine Longbow (+1), Steel Nordic Longbow (+3 Frost Chaotic), Steel Dwemer Longbow (+4 Hunting), Steel Dwemer Longbow (+2) x3, Steel Nordic Longbow (+3), Light Crossbow (40 Steele +1 bolts), Dwemer Light Crossbow (+1 flaming), Dwemer Light Crossbow (+1 frost distance), Silver Nordic Greataxe (+2 Flaming Burst Elf Bane), Steel Dwemer Dwarven Waraxe (+3), Steel Nordic Heavy Mace (+4), Stalhrim Ayleid Heavy Flail (+2 Speed), Steel Honed Light Flail (+1 Speed), Glass honed Battleaxe (+1 Keen), Orichalcum Akaviri Longsword (+1 Keen), Glass Akaviri Scimitar (+1 Keen), +1 Fine Silver Greatsword, bastard sword +3 (18,335 gp) sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch) short sword +3 (shock) (32,310 gp) sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch) sling +3 (18,300 gp) mighty composite shortbow (+2 Str bonus) +4 (holy) (72,525 gp)


+5 reinforced ringmail, +4 balanced trollbone armor, +2 balanced mithril armor, +3 reinforced ringmail, +2 balanced trollbone,+3 reinforced mithril armor,+2 reinforced orcish armor, +3 balanced ringmail, +3 balanced lamellar armor, +3 reinforced mithril armor, +3 reinforced steel armor, +2 balanced mithril armor, +4 balanced chainmail, +2 reinforced adamantium,Mithril Balanced Armor (+2), Mithril Reinforced Armor (+2), Ringmail Reinforced Armor (+2), 4 Dwemer Reinforced armor(+3) chain shirt +4 (16,250 gp) breastplate +2 (4,350 gp)


+4 reinforced heavy shield, +3 reinforced heavy shield, +1 reinforced heavy shield, +1 reinforced heavy shield, +1 reinforced heavy shield, +1 reinforced heavy shield, +1 reinforced heavy shield

Wondrous Items:

9 rings of protection +2, 3 amulets of natural armor +2, +1 ring of protection,Ring of Vengeance, Cloak of Charisma +4, ring of wizardry I (20,000 gp) ring of wizardry II (40,000 gp) Bracers of con+6,Belt Of Strength+6

Daedroth, Lesser

Medium Outsider (chaotic, evil)

HD: 12d8+75 (165)

AC: 24, touch 16, flat-footed 18 (+6 natural, +8 DEX)

Initiative: +8

Speed: 30ft

BAB: +12

Melee: Bite +20 (1d8+11) and 2 Claws +18 (1d4+7)

Special Attacks: Poison, Shockball

Special Qualities: DR 10/good and silver, Fast Healing 5

Saving Throws: Fortitude +15, Reflex +16, Will +8

Abilities: STR 26, DEX 26, CON 24, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10

Skills: Climb +21, Concentrate +20, Intimidate +15, Jump +21, Listen +15, Spot +15, Survival +15, Swim +21

Feats: Diehard, Improved Natural Weapon (Bite), Multiattack, Power Attack, Weapon Finesse (Bite)

CR: 9

Poison (EX)- Daedroth’s natural weapons secrete poison (Fortitude save DC 22) that does 2d6 points of Constitution damage.

Shockball (Sp)- Three times per day, Daedroth can fire a shock energy substituted fireball as a 10th level sorcerer. 10d6 damage, Reflex DC 16 for half.

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