Large House- Caldera South

Two-story house, next door to Verick Gemain: Trader

Owned by Irbran Ysciele

Residents: Phane Ysciele, Malexa Ysciele, Zoe Ysciele


Side: Firewood Pile

Ground Floor (Amazing Lock)-

Kitchen: Stove, Firewood Bin, Barrels (food), Cupboards

Dining Room: Large Table with Six Chairs, Cabinets (Golden Dwemer Music Box, Silver Dinning Sets, Silver Chalices with Lapis Lazuli Inlay x18, Dwemer Mug with Mithril and Gold Decoration, Potted Plants, Ornate Candle Stands, Large Rug

Bathroom: Bath, Sink Basin, Toilet, Toiletries Cabinet

Phane’s Bedroom: Double Bed, Armor Stand (Imperial Templar Armor +3), Weapon Rack (Glass Orcish Longsword), Chest (Necklace of Blue Pearls, Electrum Circlet Studded with Black Pearls, Golden Bracelet, Silver Garnet Necklaces x4), Wardrobe (extra clothes), Imperial Legion Wall Hanging, Child's Bed

Top Floor-

Balcony (Amazing Lock): Two Chairs, Side Table

Sitting Room:Fireplace, Firewood Bin, Chairs, Side Tables, Large Desk, Rugs, Paintings, Bookshelf, Shelf , Weapon Rack

Storage: Crates and Pots

Master Bedroom: Double Bed, Wardrobe (extra clothes)

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