Bardaga Halda- South Solsthiem

Battle Keep in Skaaldic

Three-story Castle and Inner Buildings

Owned by Roberio Kaslowyn, Svenja Bogtrotter, Ysabel Pelelius


Two Entrance Keeps (West)-

Guard Stations, Portcullises, Draw Bridges

Two Entrance Keeps (South)-

Guard Stations, Portcullises, Draw Bridges

Stairway to Channel (East)-

Supply Channel and Docks

Defensive Wall (East)-

Supply Channel and Docks

Outer Wall-

Roughly 650 x 650 feet

One story wall with parapets, Roughly 15 feet thick on average

Inner Wall-

4 Stories, Roughly 25 feet thick on average

South Exit to Hilltop (Training Area)

West Exit to Town Below

East Exit to Stairway and Channel Docks

Five-Story Corner Towers, x4-

Archer Slits, Arrow Racks, Murder Holes, Fifth Story Water Tanks (Similar to Decanters of Endless Water, flows through the walls and to all buildings)

Central Keep-

Deeper Basement-

Dungeons, Torture Chamber


Great Furnace, Storage, Secret Passage (to North Building), Secret Passage (to Secret Basement)

First Floor-

Squire and Pages’ Barracks, Armory, Sitting Rooms

Second Floor-

Entrance, Guardhouse (Portal Network), Chapel

Third Floor-

Throne Room, Library, Treasury

Forth Floor-

Knightly Barracks, Individuals Commanders’ Quarters (Secret Stairway leads to basement)



North Building-


Storage (Food Stuffs), Secret Passage (to Central Keep)

First Floor-

Granary, Mill, Kitchens

Second Floor-

Pantry, Butchery

South Building-


Storage (Raw Materials: metals, woods, hides, etc), Secret Passage (to the Docks by Channel)

First Floor-

Blacksmith, Tannery, Stables

East Building-

Deeper Basement-

Sewers and Drainage, Secret Passage (to escape route to north)


Soldiers’ Barracks, Wine Cellars

First Floor-

Great Feasting Hall, Armory and Supplies

Second Floor-

Guests’ Quarters, Baths, Sitting Rooms

Third Floor-

Servants and Workers’ Quarters, Sewing and Weaving Rooms

Secret Basement-

Large Rooms deep under courtyard

Deepest Basement-

Fortified Strong Room, Defensive Complex (Choke Points, Adamantine Gates, Magic Locks, Traps), Secret Passage (Several Miles to South East, toward Frostmoth)

Deeper Basement-

Blades Quarters and Facilities (Personal and Group Storage, Preserved and Dried Foodstuffs)


War Room, Blades Libraries, Maps and Records, Passage to Central Keep

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