Burned to the ground from the Ruin card drawn by Roberio.

Large House- Balmora East

Jointly owned by Joslin Elbert, Jon, Reberio Kaslowyn, and Svenja Bog-Trotter

Purchased Evening Star 9

Residents: Seen-Ra, Telis Aram, Nelvin Indarys, Lloros Marys, Joslin Elbert, Jon, Reberio Kaslowyn, Svenja Bog-Trotter


Front: Hitching Post, Firewood Pile

Back: Small Garden

Upper Level: Outdoor Table, 2 Outdoor Wooden Chairs

Top Level (Amazing Lock)-

Wizard’s Study: Large Desk, Cushy Chairs, Ink Quills and Vials, Bookshelves (Alchemist’s Formula, Arcana Restored, The Art of War Magic, Boethiah’s Pillow Book, Famed Artifacts of Tamriel, Fighters Guild Charter, Fundaments of Alchemy, Great Houses of Morrowind, Guide to Balmora, Guide to Vaardenfell, Mages Guild Charter, Manuel of Armor, Manuel of Arms, Manuel of Spellcraft, Mysticism, Mysticism- Unfathomable Journey, On Lycanthropy, On Oblivion, Reality and Other Falsehoods, the Vagaries of Magicka, Varieties of Daedra, 12 other tomes), Rug, Green Glass Drinking Set, Cupboard

Wizard’s Bedroom: Masterful King-Sized Bed, Side Tables, Wardrobe (empty), 3 Casks of Ale

Floor Level (Amazing Lock)-

Dining Room: Large Dining Table, 8 Dining Chairs, Wooden Bench, Shelves and Cabinets, Chandelier, Comprehensive Redware Dish Set, Landscape Painting

Kitchen: Stove, Kitchen Table, Cabinets, Cutlery Set, Silverware Set, Firewood Bin, 4 Barrels (Food)

Sitting Room: Several Cushy Chairs, Chandelier, Chest of Drawers, Rug, Wooden Bench,

Bathroom (Poor Lock): Bath, Sink Basin, Toilet, Toiletries Cabinet, Two Sets of Embroidered Towels

Bedroom: Good Queen-Sized Bed, Wardrobe (filled with extra clothes), Sitting Desk, Chairs, Talos Holy Text, Nine Divines Holy Text, Rug, Stand & Bronze Talos Bust Statue (Tappius’s Fur Helm)

Basement Level-

Servant Area: 3 Good Single Bunk Beds, Rug, Bookshelf (30 books), 2 Small Wardrobes (full of extra clothes), Small Brewery, Privacy Screens

Storage Area (Amazing Lock): 2 Barrels (Preserved Foods), 8 Barrels, 10 Chests (3 with Good Locks), 20 Crates

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