Arnevmor-West Solsthiem

(Storm Sea in Breton)

Four-story tower and side building

Owned by Irbran Ysciele

Finished Construction Sun's Height 433


Front: Small Courtyard, Main Entrance (arcane lock)

West Side: Small Alchemical Garden

Central Tower


Storage Area (Eight Barrels, Ten Chests w/ arcane lock and fire trap, Twenty Crates)

Summoning Chamber (with permanent magic circle)

Portal Chamber

Secret Chamber (none of your business)

Secret Passage to Bloodskaal Barrow (alarm, arcane lock and illusory wall)

First Floor- Entry Hall/Trophy Room:

Display Case (Dwemer and Falmer Coins), Display Case (First Era Coins: Gold, Electrum and Silver), Display Case (Dwemer Artifacts), Display Case (Silver

Finger Sheath with Ivory Nail, Ruby Studded Golden Medallion, Gold 

Dwemer Ring with Alexandrite Gems, Golden Rings with Draconic Inscriptions x5), Display Case (Small Gold Statue of a Maiden on a Unicorn, Small Gold Dragon Statue with Gems for Eye, Small Silver Dragon Statue, Small Mithril Werewolf Statues x5), Map Display Case (First Era Maps of Skyrim and Solstheim), Imperial Tapestry, Mage Guild Tapestry, Nocturnal Tapestry, Solstheim Tapestry, Weapon Display Rack (Ceremonial Electrum Dagger with Star Ruby in the Pommel, Ceremonial Silver Dagger with Emerald in the Pommel), Weapon Display Rack (Ceremonial Ivory Daggers with Darkwood Handles x5), Weapon Display Rack (Silver Akaviri Daggers x2)

Second Floor:

Guest Rooms (Chest, Double Bed, Large Rug, Nightstand, Pitcher and Bowl with Four Cups, Wardrobe)

Kitchen (Barrels; Cupboard; Dwemer Bowls, Cups, Cutlery, Pitchers and Plates; Stove; Table)

Third Floor:

Master Bedroom (Queen-Sized Bed, Jeweled Ayleid Bowl, Two Chests, Dresser, Green Glass Drinking Set, Nightstand, Paintings, Three Rugs, Table with Four Chairs, Nocturnal-styled Wall Hanging, Wardrobe)

Fourth Floor:

Balcony (Small Table with Two Chairs)

Wizard’s Study (Bookshelf- [Spellbooks x 45, The

Adabal-a, The Alchemist’s Forumulary, Arcana Restored, The Black Arts 

on Trial, Chronicles of Nchuleft, Dwemer History and Culture, Gaular Rithari's Papers, Immortal Blood, Incident at Necrom, Magic from the Sky, Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum, Mysticism, Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie, Ruins of Kemel-Ze, Special Flora of Tamriel, The Vagaries of Magicka, Vampires of the Iliac Bay vol. I-II, Vampires of Vvardenfell, vol. I-II],

Cabinet, Three Chests, Large Desk with Leather Chair, First Era Map of 

Tamriel, Marble Work Table, Master Alchemy Lab, Quill Set with Ink and Vials, Shelves, Spell Research Lab)

East Tower

Library: Bookshelves (36

Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 3 ,36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 7 [2], 36 

Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 18 [3], 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 31 [4], Aedra and Daedra, The, Affairs of Wizards, Ahzirr Traajijarezi, Akaviri Short Stories,

Akaviri Novel: Village of the Vampire Cat, Ancestors and the Dunmer, 

The Annotated Anuad, Antecedents of Dwemer Law, The Anticipation , Arcana Restored, The Arcturian Heresy, The Armorer’s Challenge, The Art of War Magic, Azura and the Box, Before the Ages of Man, Biography of Queen Barenziah, vol. I-III [2], The Black Arrow vol. I-II, Blasphemous Revenants [2], Bone vol. I-II, The Book of Dawn and Dusk, The Book of Daedra, Book of Life and Service, Book of Rest and Endings, Brief History of the Empire, vol. I-IV [2], The Cake and the Diamond, The Cantatas of Vivec, The Changed Ones, Cherim’s Heart of Anequina, Children of the Sky, The Consolations of Prayer, Darkest Darkness, The Doors of the Spirit, The Dragon Break Re-examined, The Eastern Province,

The Faerie, Fall of the Snow Prince, Fall of the Usurper, Feyfolken 

vol. I-III, Fighter’s Guild History, The Firmament, Five Songs of King Wulfharth, Fragment: on Artaeum, Frontier, Conquest..., Fundaments of Alchemy, Galerion the Mystic, Golden Ribbon of Merit, Great Houses of Morrowind, Guide to Black Marsh, Guide to Cyrodil, Guide to Elsweyr, Guide to Hammerfall, Guide to High Rock, Guide to Morrowind, Guide to Skyrim, Guide to the Summerset Isles, Guide to Valenwood, Hiding with the Shadows, Homilies

of Blessed Almalexia, The House of Troubles [2], How Orsinium Passed to
the Orcs, Ice and Chiton, Invocation of Azura, The Last King of the 

Ayleids, The Legendary Sacre Tor, A Less Rude Song, The Legendary Scourge, Legions of the Dead, Lives of the Saints, The Locked Room, The Lunar Lorkhan, On Lycanthropy, Mage's Guild Charter, Mixed Unit Tactics vol. I, Mysterious Akavir, Myths of Sheogorath, On Oblivion, Origin of the Mages Guild, Overview of Gods and Worship, Palla vol. I-III, The Pig

Children, The Pilgrim's Path, The Real Barenziah, vol. I-V [2], The 

Rear Guard, Reflections on Cult Worship, Response to Bero’s Speech, Saryoni's Sermons, The Seed, Shezarr and the Divines, Smuggler’s Island,

The Trials of St. Alessia, Thirsk: a History, The True Noble's Code, 

The True Nature of Orcs, Varieties of Faith in the Empire, Vivec and Mephala, The War of Bretony, Where Were You When the Dragon Broke?, The Wild Elves, The Wolf Queen vol. I – VIII, Words of Clan Mother Ahnissi, The Wraith's Wedding Dowry), Large Reading Table with Leather Chairs

Below: Bloodskal Barrow

Top Levels: Many chamber of various sizes with numerous mummified non-Draugr dead

Locking Level: Gate Locked by Silver Dragon Claw (Disintegrated)

Lowest Levels: Few large chambers formerly occupied by Draugr, Central Hall has a portal to the Fjalding Dwemer ruins

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